Manuale D'Amore Wedding Planner


Use our top wedding decoration planning help and advice, and wow your wedding guests by your choice of colour, theme and fabulous style.

Our first questions are

“What elements of your personality do you really want to shine through at your wedding?”

“What areyou passionate about in life?”

“What are you big loves, hobbies and pastimes?”

It is essential for us to know the answers to these questions so that we can cleverly weave aspects of the bride and grooms’ personalities into their wedding-day styling.

Lots of brides come to see us armed with photos of their favorite flowers, possible color schemes and their preferred style of bouquet but we like to dig deeper and discuss how they are going to present their table plan, what thoughts they’d had about their wedding favors, what format is their guest book going to take, till the completion of each single small detail.

And if you are lost for inspiration and really want to personalize your wedding and make it stand out from the crowd, our creative advice can be of invaluable help.

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